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Mail-In Sharpening Service: Coming Soon!

Soon, we’ll be launching a mail-in service for sharpening shears. Simply fill out your details and we’ll mail you a label to mail your scissors for service. Stay tuned! 

In the meanwhile, read on how some simple steps that you can take for daily maintenance of your shears will help improve its performance. 

Tips on How to Take Care of Your Scissors

Regular scissor care and maintenance is essential in achieving maximum performance from your shears. Failure to perform proper care and maintenance on a daily basis will most likely result in unsatisfactory performance and even damage to your shears. 

Here are a few simple steps you can take to keep your hair scissors in optimal shape: 


1. Cleaning:

Using a soft cloth or chamois, thoroughly wipe your shears and blades after every cut. This will reduce the build-up of chemicals and debris, which may adversely affect the performance of your shears throughout your workday. At the end of the day make certain your shears are thoroughly dry between the blades.


2. Lubrication:

At the end of each work day, apply one drop of oil to the side of the tension screw or the back of the thumbscrew.

Open the scissor blade and apply 2-3 more drops in the pivot area and along the inner blade surface. Open and close the scissors few times. This will allow the oil to pull out the debris trapped in the pivot area.

Carefully wipe your blades with a clean cloth or chamois. Once the scissors have been cleaned and oiled, proceed to checking the tension.


3. Checking Tension:

Adjusting tension is an important step to maintain the performance of your shears. Even brand new shears with loose tension will not cut at its optimum level. If the tension is too loose, it will allow your hears to fold the hair and not cut all the way through. If it is too tight, it will cause unnecessary wear and user fatigue. To check the tension, open the scissors and release the handle to close. If the scissors are closed more than halfway, the tension is too loose. The scissors should not drop more than 1/3 of the length of the blade.


4. Storage

When your shears are not being used, keep blades in a closed position. This will reduce the chance of nicking and accidental damage to the blades. Do not use magnets to hold  scissors in storage. This can magnetize the blades attracting undesirable dust and other particles. For adequate protection, use the protective case provided with your shears. 


5. Sharpening
If maintained properly, your scissors will have a long-lasting sharp edge. When the time does come for re-sharpening, the process must be done carefully through a professional sharpening service that has the facility and experience to sharpen high-quality Japanese style scissors. The warranty on your scissors will be void if improper sharpening damages your shears.


To recap, follow these simple steps in taking care of your shears and protect your investment. Make this a habit and your hair scissors will have a longer life. 

1. Clean, dry and lubricate your shears at the end of each workday.

2. Check your shears for adjustment (tension) at least once each day.

3. Check your shears for sharpness at least once each month.

4. Handle your shears with gentle care. Protect the edges from everything except clean hair.

5. Do not use your shears when they are nicked from dropping.

6. Do not store your shears when dirty.

7. Do not “throw” your shears in a drawer when not in use.

8. Don’t let your shears come into contact with any comb sterilization, perm or color solution — it may cause corrosion and other damage to your shears.

Have a question or concern that’s not addressed here? Please email or call us and we’ll be happy to assist you. 



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  • *call to request more insurance

Shipping envelope includes an $18 round trip USPS Shipping label.


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